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Monthly Special

$59  Includes 20 minute session & 3 digital images

The monthly special has one to two set choices on designated sets during specified times of the year. You will choose one set for your session. Please call if you have any questions about what sets are featured at the time you book. Below is a general guide of what themes will be available at what times of year!


Monthly Special Set Schedule:

January 20th - February 19th : Valentine's Day

February 16th - March 15th : Spring 

March 16th - April 10th - Spring Bunny

April 20th - May 14th : Mother's Day

May 15th - June 14th: Summer Fun

June 15th -July 15th : Red, White & Blue

July 16th - August 31st : Summer/Back 2 School

September 1st - September 30th : Fall 

October 1st - October 31st : Fall/Halloween

November 1st - January 19th : Holiday

This session includes your choice of one set. Viewing appointment is required.

February 20th - March 30th


Spring Cottage

Capture the vibrant colors and joyous spirit of Easter in a whimsical cottage garden setting, bursting with blossoms and cheerful decorations. Big enough for Families.

AK_2877 (1).jpg

Bunny Balloons

Capture the vibrant colors and joyful atmosphere of an Easter-themed paint workshop. Great for big and little kids!


Easter Camp

Capture the whimsy of Easter with a vibrant outdoor photo set adorned with the sweetest tent and bunny friends. Just for the little ones!


Bunnies 4 Sale

Capture the joy of Easter with colorful variety. With the choice of  blue, pink, or neutrals,

there's an option for everyone. Perfectly sized for children of all ages!

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